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Tractor units importer – quality guaranteed

Tractor units Gniezno

All vehicles are subjected to a thorough technical analysis

All vehicles in our offer are subjected to reliable technical inspections. All critical elements are checked in every piece for sale. Such meticulousness enables us to give full and proven information about every vehicle in our offer.


Thanks to long-lasting experience we can offer competent and professional consulting to our clients

If you intend to buy a good vehicle which will fully meet your needs or if you have any doubts concerning the technical specifications, accessories, or functionality – we encourage you to contact our consultants. They will gladly and capably answer all your questions.


Thorough verification is a guarantee of integrity and reliability

We are probably the only company – or surely one of the few in the region – to have our own technologically advanced garage on premises with a highly qualified and experienced team. Thanks to that we are able to inspect every vehicle and analyse its technical state much more thoroughly than our competitors. Such solution gives our clients a guarantee that the purchased vehicle was carefully prepared for sale. Omega Gniezno is an importer of tractor units that can guarantee the highest integrity and reliability of the offer.

Information about the vehicle

Our technicians check the general technical state of the vehicle as well as the state of all operating elements. In other words – we know what we sell. We are able to answer all questions concerning the technical state of the vehicle and its operating elements. Clients have an opportunity to examine every vehicle in our offer. Our technicians will gladly talk about the vehicle and share everything they managed to learn while conducting a thorough technical inspection of the vehicle. What’s important is the fact the our technician can do it directly under the roof of our garage, not paying any mind to the weather, thus always doing it comfortably and with a delicious coffee in hand whenever the client wishes to.

If you buy with us, it’s risk free

All cars in our offer are subjected to professional technical inspection. By choosing to buy our vehicles, you get a guarantee that they are free of technical errors and hidden defects. We value our clients’ trust and wish to maintain good contact with them thus we always earnestly relay to our clients all information regarding history and specifications of a given vehicle.

Contact us

If you have any questions or doubts concerning the vehicles in our offer or you’d simply like to know more about our offer, call us, write to us, or visit our company to talk with our technicians face to face. Our consultants will gladly answer all your questions and, should the need arise, advise you on the best solution possible.

To talk to a consultant, please call: +48 781 899 957

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